Dec 2, 2011

Overcoming overwhelm

Well where do I start?

Perhaps a short introduction on myself. My name is Emma and I am mere weeks away from finishing my Bachelor of Midwifery degree and setting foot on a new path thanks to ING Direct.

I am 31, the mama of a lovely little person, wife to a lovely big person, sister to many, lover of coffee, anything red and white and spotty, and the proud driver of a Skoda.

That doesn't really tell you much huh.

Well, I'm not from Adelaide but a "recent" transplant to this fair city, from Sydney. We have just bought a house though, which is all kinds of terrifying as there are a lot of 000s involved in that transaction and it's a whole new ballgame to be buying a house rather than continuing to rent. So on top of having to get my head around the ability to turn my dream into a reality, I am also having to deal with banks, real estate agents, pest inspectors, removalists and so on!

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