Dec 4, 2011

What is my dream?

"I am almost finished my Bachelor of Midwifery. My future map involves me working in the community as an independent midwife. 

There are only 2 independent midwives in my state now and I'm encouraged and inspired by them to increase that number by 50% as they both work at more than full capacity to provide women and families with care.

I am personally inspired to take normal pregnancy and birth back to the people – to work at a grassroots level in my own community to help women achieve great but almost boringly normal pregnancies and births. The money would be used to set up a clinic so women can access the gold standard of care in their local community – care with a known, qualified professional.

I would provide personalised care from preconception through to early parenting, including birth education and breastfeeding support, and eventually would share the space with other midwives in a developing group practice. I would also co-locate with other care providers who deal with pregnancies – such as physiotherapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, psychologists and doctors.

I need seed funding for business planning, clinic space, equipment, insurance, marketing, income to me while I establish the business. As well as midwifery, I am also an amateur photographer and do a lot of energy, spiritual and craft work with women I care for – I plan on documenting this with my trusty camera (which is in need of a new lens) and blogging, writing, talking about it as I go! "

So there is a little bit more about me and my plans. I am most surprised to have won based on this entry because while it's my passion, heart and soul, it's really not that central an issue to most people.

But here I am!

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  1. Why shouldn't you be the one to win.

    Good luck to you and all the wonderful mothers, fathers and children you will bless.




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