Jan 4, 2012

Business planning

Oooer things are on the move in my head at least. I read somewhere recently that being in business for oneself is about pinning down the hovering helicopters and not letting it consume my every thought.

Family Christmas Photo 2011
Now that I'm done at uni (for now?) I am relieved to have stopped feeling that feeling that there is Something More Urgent to do - OPMs as my public service self would have called them. Other pressing matters!

I've started doing some business planning to get my ideas out of my head and onto the page. It's pretty exciting! It's also pretty daunting and I am struggling to put my ideas down on paper.

Horses for courses
I do know that I want to do a few courses first, which is hard to juggle in my head with a small child. She is 21 months old, still breastfeeding regularly, and not overly keen on my being away for a long time, and one of them ones I want to do is a 5 day course. Interstate. What do you think dear reader? How do I juggle motherhood, burning desires for changing the world, and travel?

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  1. It is hard to try to plan your future without hindsight . . . nevertheless it is also exciting!

    The interstate course could be tackled by incorporating a family holiday . . . is there a (one only) set date? or is it flexible?

    How does the small one go in your absence? Does she fret? Do you have a person that she feels most comfortable with? If you can't take your man . . . could you ask this person to accompany you?

    Good luck! Look forward to hearing how you go.

    A friend from afar


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