Feb 3, 2012

On moving and transitioning

Wow the past month(s) have flown by. I have achieved so much at the same time as seeing Christmas pass, the new year arrive, us buy a house / pack / move, and settle into a new town, a new job for me, a new childcare for my offspring, and lots of other things!

The new and exciting year I'm sure is part of the year of the Dragon. Last year sucked on so many levels and then suddenly with the waning of the year my life had a huge turn around.

My plans progress apace. I've used some of the funding from Map Your Future to purchase the first of my equipment for my new practice. It was so exciting to get a huge package from The Birthkit Company the other day and now it's sitting in my lounge looking at me. I'm waiting on the rest of the package to arrive though, and I need to organise a few other things for myself and then *deep breath* putting out that shingle.

In the meantime, I'm doing some logo design. It's a lot of fun and not something I know much about. I'm trying not to over analyse it though!

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  1. So exciting for you. Glad to hear the good karma has been visiting you.



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