Apr 18, 2012

Post university dreams coming true? Is my life over?

I joked the other day that my life is "over" on paper - I have the degree that I worked hard for, I have an amazing husband and an adorable child, I am married and own a house... and now I earn money doing something I love.

That little black spot is where I'm aiming! Read more at http://www.bionichippo.com/blog/2011/friday-fix-the-quick-and-dirty-guide-to-lifetime-job-happiness/

Which is NOT to say that you need this life. Or that it was what I aspired to. Or without those things that your life isn't complete. Please note the first two words of this post - I joked about this because someone asked me what I was up to this year.

But I also feel that I'm coming to an end. I am finishing my formal uber structured study. I feel like I have finally found what I want to do when I grow up. So now instead of seeking out another Bachelor's degree to go with the others I have (3 now, 1 with honours), I will instead insist that the next time I graduate it will be with a funny hat.

That would be for a PhD. Which I'm not going to pursue anytime soon ever if my husband has anything to say about it after the 8 years it took him to get his! Although, there are a few topics that I'd love to look more into. Using heat and seaweed for wound healing for example. Sterile water injections for pain relief. Hrmmm...

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