Apr 11, 2012

A trip to somewhere

It's funny but after 5 long years of study, my idea of travel still involves more learning. As part of my registration I need to maintain ongoing professional development but I also have an itch to scratch to travel and see family and friends. But for now I don't think that's going to happen and I have to share some more love for my dad who called me in January I think to confirm that we plan on being here in December so he could book us for Christmas. Yes, 11 months in advance.

I am going to the Homebirth Network's conference in June in Tasmania and am trying to work out whether we'll travel around a little then as well. Then there's a course in something that I'd like to go to in Melbourne, and maybe an online course as well?

In the meantime, I'm for bed - being on call and relied on means I can't pull all-nighters anymore! Although it is tempting to just... do... one more page of the website!

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